A downloadable asset pack

Various Blocks, Lines, and Shapes 16x16

This is a tile pack with 176 unique tiles and 700+ with color variations. These tiles work for all kinds of game genres including platformers, top downs, and puzzle games.

These tiles are free, so download away. Drop a donation when downloading if you want me to do more. Feel free to use these in commercial projects, and to modify the tiles as you wish.

If you use my tiles let me know, I would love to see what you have made with them.

Credit is appreciated, but not required.


Line-And-Shape-16x16.zip 50 kB
Line-And-Shape-16x16.png 14 kB
Line-And-Shape-16x16-Alt.png 14 kB


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I really love the art style! Simplistic but beautiful. I could definitely see this used for a platformer. It does; however, seem to be missing 1 thick floors. This may be intentional, but I do think it would somewhat limit the building of a world.

Glad you enjoy the tiles :)
You are correct this is an oversight I will be making an expanded version of this tileset with those included.