A downloadable asset pack

A64ish Pixel Tiles 8x8 (Expanded)

These are free and simple 8x8 platformer tiles for game mockups or production use.

These tiles are free, so download away. Drop a donation when downloading if you want me to do more. Feel free to use these in commercial projects, and to modify the tiles as you wish.

Credit is appreciated, but not required.


A64ish-8x8.zip 37 kB
A64ish-8x8-Expanded.png 15 kB
A64ish-8x8.png 8 kB

Development log


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Do I have to donate for you to make tilesets? Or do you create them or free?

Donations speed me along when it comes to making tilesets, games, etc. Following me, rating my things and posting feedback will also encourage me to make more.

So in short, donations are not required for me to make a tileset, unless you have something specific in mind that you want me to make.